The Drake Effect

It’s only a game, let the man cheer.

Throughout the course of the 2018-2019 NBA season, more so in the playoffs; athletes,
fans and coaches seemed to have a problem with Drakes “antics.” But was it really too

From heckling at any player on the court that was not apart of the Toronto Raptors to
actually ​ giving Raptors head coach Nick Nurse a shoulder massage on the sidelines,
Drake was able to poke fun at everyone in the NBA.

As the chances of the Raptors winning a Championship started to increase, so did
Drake’s excitement, and his actions not sit well with Milwaukee Bucks head coach Mike

Budenholzer took aim at the Raptors Ambassador publicly, saying, “there’s certainly no
place for fans — or whatever Drake is for the raptors — on the court. There’s
boundaries and lines for a reason.”

Well Mike, he’s the Ambassador so he can cheer if he wants to. The Bucks staff still
wasn’t done there. ​Georgios Dimitropoulos, a senior executive of the agency that
represents ​Giannis Antetokounmpo​ also took to the media saying,

“​Imagine a gig & an athlete on VIP seats, right next to the band, stands up on the
stage just to show off during the entire game, knowing cameras are on him,
occasionally even massaging the singer. Security and him both allow it. Never seen
anything as disrespectful as this before…”

Let’s be honest, if the Bucks had done better against the Raptors than Drake wouldn’t
even have been a topic of discussion. Maybe Budenholzer should’ve paid more attention
to his team than to Drake.

Continuing his antics in the finals against the Golden State Warriors, Drake was starting
to get under star players like Klay Thompson and Draymond Green’s skin, and it

Green and Drake were spotting sharing some unkind words to each other during and
after Game 1, while Drake rocked a Raptors Dell Curry jersey. Drake yelled “trash!” as
Green walked passed him off the court.

Although after the game Green made sure to talk about the alleged “scuffle” saying,

“So many people have complained about it, like, ‘You don’t let other fans do that.’
Yeah, any other fan isn’t Drake, so he should be able to do that…He’s worked his a**
off to be who he is and when you do that you get a longer leash than others. There’s so
much talk, ‘the NBA needs to…’ No, they don’t. He worked to be who he is, you should
get more leash. I don’t mind it. It’s fun for me.”

So, a round of applause to Draymond Green for not crying about a fan cheering for his

Fans across the world act the same way Drake does when they’re favourite team or
player is doing well… Drake just gets to do it court side, so let the man cheer.

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